“Security and long-term predictability in the marketing of slaughter kettle, our ‘everything from one source’ principle and our trustworthiness and integrity, based on our credo that a man’s word is his bond, characterise the service we provide for our suppliers and producers.”

It has always been our aim to be in close connection with our producers and suppliers and to establish a personal and long-term business relationship. Above all, we wish that the farmers are able to identify with the company. Our reliability for many years gives the farmers security and results in their loyalty to the company.

The close cooperation with our partner companies of many years’ standing, which are located in Hungary and Slovakia and which are responsible for the coordination of livestock trade and transport, makes a perfectly structured handling of our business activities possible.

Johann Zsifkovics is present in Hungary as well as in Slovakia on a regular basis. He is in close contact and permanent exchange with the local partner companies and suppliers in both countries.