Manager: Johann Zsifkovics jun.

“If one has lost his money, a lot is lost.
If one has lost his name though, everything is lost.”

As general manager of Zsifkovics GmbH & Co KG I personally stand for tradition and trust, sealing business agreements with a solid handshake as I strongly believe that a man’s word shall be his bond. I do not only run the slaughterhouse in F├╝rstenfeld, but I am also responsible for the purchase and sale of livestock, meat products and by-products.

The profile of the company is shaped by my personality and my solid entrepreneurial attitude:

I am fluent in five different languages owed to the fact that I grew up in a multilingual family. This allows me to respond to the requests of my business partners in the neighbouring countries on a very personal and direct level, which lays the foundation for a loyal and trustful cooperation.

The business of slaughtering and livestock trade is not a field I needed to reinvent. I rather continue the long-standing tradition of the company steadfastly, with a great deal of personal commitment and rigorous discipline. My responsibility and competence are to lead the long-established company, which guarantees quality and experience ever since the day of it’s founding, into the future. Continuously optimising the existing business structures and adapting them to the changing circumstances of the market without compromising on traditional values, is what I stand for and what makes Zsifkovics GmbH & Co KG an outstanding and enormously reliable business partner in the industry.

The philosophy of Zsifkovics GmbH & Co KG is oriented on a number of well-proven principles, which define the success of the company:

  • an authentic general manager with integrity, who shapes and represents the profile of the company
  • a strong and loyal team in the background
  • hard and precise work as highest principle
  • reliability, loyalty and trustworthiness as unquestionable values
  • highest product quality due to long-standing experience and craftsmanship
  • traditional values as foundation and framework for a future-oriented policy of the company
  • a solid business structure and stable growth secured by strategies of risk avoidance and a business-plan for long-term success
  • security and predictability in the production process based on the close cooperation with our partner companies in livestock trade and transport
  • “everything from one source” principle (personal contact, one partner)
  • “a man’s word is his bond” as credo

Johann Zsifkovics