“Highest product quality due to long standing expertise and precision in craftsmanship are our top priorities.”

The company has built up a long standing business relationship with customers throughout Europe. At the same time a continuous growth in the number of new customers within and outside of Europe can be seen. Above all, the demand on the international market is increasing. Expansion plans concern China, Japan and Dubai.

In sales and distribution we almost exclusively focus on wholesale traders as customers for our products with the effect of a tightly structured pool of business partners. In the selection process of new customers we pursue a conservative policy where the main selection criterion is the liquidity of the customer. Risky deals are deliberately avoided – e.g. the delivery of goods is carried out only if a default risk insurance has been procured. Due to our careful selection procedure we are able to maintain an extremely loyal relationship with our customers.

the company’s distributed products are:

  • carcasses
  • half-carcasses
  • quarter-carcasses
  • deboned quarter-carcasses
  • packaged beef
  • slaughter by-products